The Plitvice Marathon 2018 (Croatia) is a race where you want to take part in just for the pleasure of the view and the magic of the location!  

The Marathon

Held in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations, the Plitvice marathon comprises three road races — a 5 km run, a half marathon 21,097 km, and a marathon 42,195 km. The half marathon replaced the 16 km race that was held in previous years. Both the marathon and the half marathon routes are very challenging. Marathon runners can expect to finish at least 10 minutes slower than on a flat course. The climbs are not steep but long. The difference between the lowest and the highest point on the course is around 250 metres. Be aware that Plitvice is located in an area of extreme weather conditions. In early June, it’s usually very warm in the region but there were years when runners wore gloves, woolen hats, and water-resistant clothing.

Entry and Entry Fee – Depending on the date of registration

5km 21km 42km

Registrations are open until 10th May 2018

Event website: https://plitvicki-maraton.com/hr/plitvicki-maraton/

The Plitvice Lake National Park

The Plitvice Lake is a natural park where you can find all type of lakes and a great beauty from the mother nature. This is one of the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia, The protected area extends over 296.85 square kilometres (73,350 acres). The national park is world famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. Currently, 16 lakes can be seen from the surface. As this is a natural but protected park, the park is open from 8 am to 4 pm, and you can visit most of the park in about 8 hours. These lakes are a result of the confluence of several small rivers and subterranean karst rivers. The lakes are all interconnected and follow the water flow. They are separated by natural dams of travertine, which is deposited by the action of moss, algae and bacteria. The particularly sensitive travertine barriers are the result of an interplay between water, air and plants. The encrusted plants and bacteria accumulate on top of each other, forming travertine barriers which grow at the rate of about 1 cm (0.4 in) per year.

It is a nice program to do after the marathon or also before, just to get a better feeling of the area. The entrance is not free, and the simple reason is to help on the contribution of the preservation and maintenance of the park. You can access the park by car.



Hotel MACOLA 3* in Korenica: -Bed and breakfast per person in double room from 35 €; Bed and breakfast per person in single room from 47 €; Half board per person in double room from 47 €; Half board per person in single room from 58 €. All price included city tax and PDV.

All reservations are per request and prices are depending on availability. 

Located directly on State Road 1 just 10 km from the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park, Hotel Macola offers rooms with TV and free Wi-Fi, a large restaurant and a well equipped supermarket. You can relax in the hot tub or use the small fitness area. Traditional specialties including homemade bread, prosciutto ham and lamb meat are served, and vegetarian and diabetic menus are available as well. Each room at the Macola comes with hardwood floors, a minibar and desk. The private bathroom is fitted with hairdryer and free toiletries.










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All reservations are per request and prices are depending on availability. 

Jezero Hotel offers a relaxing and active holiday in a wonderful natural environment. The hotel interior is modern, and its external contours are perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature. It is located in the central zone of the National Park, approx. 300 m from the vastest lake, Kozjak. Hotel amenities include a car park, a souvenir shop, an ATM, luggage carry services, a 24/7 reception desk, an exchange office, a safe, a lift, laundry services, room service and Internet access.  The rooms on the lake side are equipped with bathrooms with bath tubs, while the rooms on the forest side have shower cabins. Some of the rooms have communication doors. All rooms feature SAT TVs, a direct-line telephone and modems for complimentary internet access. Some of the rooms are equipped with mini-bars.All prices included VAT, city tax is extra, app 0,70 € per person per night. All reservations are on request.

Plitvice Hotel includes a car park and a souvenir shop, and provides luggage carry services, a reception desk open 24/7, an exchange office, a safe, laundry services, room service and internet access. All rooms have SAT TV, a direct-line telephone and mini-bars. The hotel has an à-la-carte restaurant with a capacity of 160 seats, with a variety of gastronomy specialties on offer, a lobby with outdoor seating and a lounge.

Hotel Bellevue is in closest vicinity to the Plitvice Hotel, in the central zone of the Plitvice Lakes Park.Hotel amenities include a bank, a car park, a café-bar, a TV salon and a summer terrace, luggage carry services, a 24/7 reception desk, laundry services. All rooms have a bathroom with a shower, a direct telephone line and a satellite TV.

Hotel Grabovac is located on the northern access road to the National Park, around 10 km from the central zone of the Plitvice Lakes Park. This is a friendly, small hotel with a lavish exterior floral design. The accommodation and food are of a very high quality. There are 31 rooms: all rooms are air-conditioned and fitted with bathrooms with showers, telephones and satellite TVs. The hotel facilities include an à-la carte restaurant with 55 seats, a self-service restaurant with outdoor seating (75), a coffee bar with outdoor seating with a TV, and a small store. Parking for guests is complimentary.

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There is also possibility to arrange booking in many of private apartments in the area, please feel free to contact us for our recommendation!